Seriously! 4 days of Racing Bamboo Forest's of China

Mountain Biking Great Escape

On Presidents day Presidents ride don't they?


Somewhere in Idaho

After the snow melts, heaven opens up!

Carlsbad USGP Champion

Roger always provided a unique perspective to race day.

A Jim Gibson sighting in remote Arizona

Diamond Jim Gibson is my buddy and former teammate at American Honda.  Jim is off the grid raising big horn cattle in the high desert of Arizona.

Love Jim's mantra when mentally preparing for a race win:

                  "What does it look like"


Since 1993

Chuck’s Biography
Chuck Sun Bio

From the passion of a two wheel mini bike to top the worlds best!

Chuck comes from an off-road riding family out of rural Sherwood, Oregon. Earnings of $100 from picking beans and strawberries under Oregon’s summer sun in 1968, 12 year old Chuck Sun bought his first dirt bike. Chuck’s dad Roger just asked one time “Are you sure this is what you want to spend your money on?” No question it was that Cat mini bike at the auto parts store.

Bruce Brown’s movie “On Any Sunday” made Malcolm Smith an icon in off-road motorcycle racing and would ignite in Chuck an indistinguishable passion for racing. At age 14 Chuck entered his first motocross race and fell trying to pass everyone in the first turn. Chuck had learned his first lesson of racing “Balance of patience and desire”

Take a journey traveling throughout the U.S. and the World with what many people said at the time were pipe dreams of making a living racing motorcycles. Learn how adversity was turned into opportunity and drive to achieve the unbelievable, becoming the AMA National Motocross Champion and a member of the first U.S. team to win the prestigious World Championship Motocross of Nations.

Follow along Chuck’s adventures on his latest Quest for the 2008 FIM Veterans World Motocross Title.

Bruce Brown’s On Any Sunday inspired Chuck to race “I’m 14”..the sign up lady said..OK Your #14.. First race
MX of Nations Champions in 1981 2nd American to win the Carlsbad 500 Gran Prix in 1981

Husqvarna Video

Hey, If you have an awesome ride coming up, let me know!